South by West Worthing - a special Coffee Shop Review

About a month ago, we had a new coffee shop opening just outside of Worthing town centre & until today's visit to

South by West Worthing

I kind of didn't think too much about even making an effort to go there (so sorry, I'm in deep regrets - keep on reading to see why!)... However, today's errand-run made me drive past the bright & welcoming little shop in West Worthing - twice ...
And after what felt like a million amazing comments & reviews on social media, I just couldn't resist to have a peek ...

Freshly baked Cinamon-, Vanilla- & Cardamom- Buns at South by West Worthing

I've previously seen some rather intriguing pictures of the wide-windowed shop front with their sleek, custom-made,
light-brown, wooden counters (completely sourced & made from sustainable resources, as I was to learn later-on)
and felt immediately "at-home" as soon as I took my first step into the wonderfully warm & bright café.
My nose instantly got hit by the smell of freshly baked sweet buns - South's speciality!
- before getting greeted by the most friendly owner of a coffeehouse, ever!

South by West Worthing makes sure that all their coffee comes from ethical sources

Not even 2 minutes later & with a delicious cup of Oat-Mylk Flat White in my hand (and two cheeky buns in my handbag - for later!), I'm in deep conversation about zero- & minimum- waste solutions, sustainable shopping choices and traditional baking techniques. I learn that much of the cafe's inventory are upcycled second-hand items - and the wood used to build the counter & table tops were specifically sourced to ensure sustainability & renewability. And that's just the cherry on top of this mouth-watering sugar- and caffeine-top-up station!

One of the Two lovely South by West Worthing Owners

All buns are always 100% vegan with a range varying daily, while their freshly brewed coffee from local Cast Iron Roasters is not only upmost flavourful, but also equally as sustainable and - as with unlike many other coffee providers - fully traceable! In addition, all take-away cups & spoons are made from 100% fully degradable materials (no plastics!) as are the cute, brown paper bags for eat-on-the-go buns.

No Plastic in sight at South by West Worthing

South by West Worthing isn't just "another coffee shop" (on the contrary from my preconceptions!):
All offerings bear the full hearts & souls of the owners - as does each inch & corner of the coffee shop itself.
A visit will leave you with a true home from home feeling, a full tummy and a big buzz from excellent customer service & coffee!

I look forward to see this amazing little coffee shop expanding (they've just introduced fresh bread Friday's!)
and will FOR SURE be round there more often now!

Make sure you pay South by West Worthing a visit & give them a "follow" online at Facebook & Instagram!

with lots of love & light from your

Natural Vegan Gypsy