About NVG

Let's start off with a pinky promise!  If you love …

 ... you'll feel right at home here! I promise !!!

 Sometimes you need to take life with a pinch of salt (or even a bucket!).
Trust me, a little "Buddhist Thinking" goes a long way!

It will help you opening up - and develop some of that urgently needed 
"F**k it attitude" aka Mindfulness, so you finally feel free to ... 

🌸 spontaneously book that flight to the Caribbean
(because it was on offer and it sounds like a great idea)
🌸 re-create that awesome looking vegan dish
(yes - even with homemade vegan cheese!) from Instagram
🌸 try out these ancient, alternative products & techniques
you've always been interested in (coconut oil rules btw!)
🌸 get fit & healthy without the tears
(ok, there might be some tears - but only happy tears...)
🌸 learn about motivation, energy and the good vibes
(It's all Pura Vida, Mate!)
and all this - while catching my best and worse moments.

 Are you in ? Awesome !

But no need to be scared! I'll be pre-testing the waters (so to speak) so 
you won't have to go through the trouble of "trial and error"
and end up only left with the good stuff worth trying!

 Oh btw, "me": that's Pia

Never mind to laughing about myself and I try to live exactly what I've described above! 

So saddle up & follow me into the sunset …

with lots of love & light from your

Natural Vegan Gypsy